Lions Cannes – Now You Can

Lions Cannes

for Freewheel, a Comcast company

Production : Studio La Brèche
Rôle : Cadrage
Graphic Design : Studio La Brèche
Musique : AudioNetwork
Année : 2019

Avec le studio La Brèche, nous avons réalisé quatre reports journaliers sur la plage de Freewheel, une entreprise Comcast, lors des Lions Cannes 2019.

Video ThumbnailA look-back at another incredible week in Cannes, an event playing a central role in moving the industry forward.
Video ThumbnailSpend a day at Cannes Lions with FreeWheel: learn a lot, get inspired & apply these learnings to your business later. Watch our first daily recap video! More to come soon...
Video ThumbnailHere is a wrap of our second day at Cannes Lions. Thank you so much to our panelists and speakers! We appreciate your inspiring stories. “Cannes is the perfect place to connect with peers, listen and have conversations the smartest thinkers of the industry. ”Maria Weaver, CMO Comcast Advertising
Video ThumbnailCannes is the place to set the stage for the new TV ecosystem, for trends that will happen in 5 years. Developing new solutions, alliances & initiatives for tomorrow. More inputs in our last Cannes Lions recap!